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I am a french self-taught illustrator who went freelance after a few years of film study.

Still quite influenced by cinema, my illustrations are very atmospheric, infused with a sensual and dreamy twist. Nature plays a big part in my work, and I like to draw true-to-life feminine characters. You can tell by my colour palette that I love the aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s. 

I work for the press, advertising and design. Feel free to reach me at if you need any additional info, or simply want to chat about a project that matters to you!

Après des études de lettres et cinéma, je me suis dirigée vers l'illustration en autodidacte.

​L'influence du cinéma se retrouve dans l'atmosphère à la fois quotidienne et onirique de mes illustrations. La nature y tient une grande place, ainsi que des personnages souvent réalistes et rêveurs.

Je travaille en freelance pour la presse, la'édition et la publicité. J'ai notamment réalisé des images pour Louie Media, l’INA ou encore Les Échos.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter à l'adresse pour toute demande de renseignement ou simplement pour échanger autour d'un projet qui vous tient à cœur !


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editorial illustration, packaging, advertising...


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''Johanne produced a work of great quality for our podcast Injustices, we have been truly won over by her illustrations and our listeners have been as well. She was able to adapt her style to our demands and has been very reactive even thought we had a tight schedule. Pleasure working with her!''


Gabrielle Ramain, Journalist and Production manager at Louie Media






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